We are excited to introduce our 2-Year "Codeologist" program in 2021. This intensive National Electrical Code® [NEC®] based program focuses on the practical and integral applications of the NEC®. The "Codeologist" program includes (4) semesters of intense knowledge-based training. This program is NOT a hands-on program. However, lab assignments are provided for student submittal during the appointed semester, where applicable.

The program is broken down into (4) 6-month segment semesters, comprised of NEC® based material directly focused on Residential Wiring, Commercial Wiring, Grounding, and Bonding Practices, with the 4th semester purely based on the understanding and interpretation of the National Electrical Code®. 

This program DOES NOT offer continuing education credits or pre-licensing credits. This program is designed to enhance the knowledge of existing electrical apprentices, electrical helpers, journeyman and master electricians, electrical inspectors, electrical code administrators, and electrical engineers.

Completion of this 2-Year Program with a course average of 80% or higher conveys the title of "Certified Master Electrical Code Professional" along with 2 years of paid membership in the CMECP® Endorsed Program.

What's Included - 24 Months* Access to the online academy console and at the minimum (2) 6-hour online classroom session per semester. Access to each semester will start at the successful completion of each successive semester program. Each successful student will receive the status of completion transcripts, certificate of completion acknowledgment certificate, and CMECP® Approval documents and seals.

Employers - Successful completion of our 2-Year Program can be tied to Raises, Promotions, Bonuses, Leadership Responsibilities, and a PROVEN method to ensure overall company-wide standards and conformity. Our employer program offers monthly monitoring and student progress analysis. Contact us for more details on our employer programs.

Payment Plan Options - Tuition $1,575.00 in 4 Equal Monthly Payments of $393.75 with no interest. Invoices will be sent via e-mail for payment monthly. Access to the enrolled program is terminated if any payment is delinquent or canceled. This program offers a no refund policy.

Course Curriculum: 2017 or 2020 NEC Based (Must choose either 2017 NEC or 2020 NEC at enrollment)

Semester 1 - Residential Wiring Manuscript, Lab Work (Video Submission), Classroom, Unit, and Final Exam - 6 Months

Semester 2 - Commercial Wiring Manuscript, Classroom, Unit, and Final Exam - 6 Months

Semester 3 - Grounding and Bonding Manuscript, Classroom, Unit, and Final Exam - 6 Months

Semester 4 - NEC Learning Program Manuscript, Classroom, Quizzes, Practice and Final Exam(s) - 6 Months

Passing Average - 80% or Higher (system-wide)

*Applicable only to ACTIVE students. Active translates to accounts in good standing and non-delinquent.

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